Above: Elliot Rapaport Cardiologist of the Year for 2018 recipient Robert A. Harrington, MD, MACC with CA ACC President Ramin Manshadi, MD, FACC

Award Recipients from the California Chapter of the ACC


Excellence in Cardiology Fellowship Award Winners

Richard Cheng, MD | Winner of the William E.Shell, MD Excellence in Fellowship Award
Jonathan Gordin, MD, UCLA
Rigved Tadwalker, MD, Harbor-UCLA
Travis E. Harrell, MD, Naval Medical Center - San Diego
Gaurav Sharma, MD, UC Davis
Howard Lan, DO, Loma Linda University
Mohammad Usman Qazi, MD, UC Irvine
Christopher A. Groh, MD, UCSF
Erika Jones, MD, USC
Micah J. Roberts, DO, UCSF - Fresno
June-Wha-Wha Rhee, MD, Stanford
Brandon Kai, MD, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles
Michael John Wilkinson, MD, UC San Diego
Carolyn Enders, MD, California Pacific Medical Center Divison of Cardiology, San Francisco

Eliott Rapaport Cardiologist of the Year

2018 Robert A. Harrington, MD, MACC
2017 Karol Watson, MD, FACC
2016 Myrvin Ellestad, MD, FACC
2015 Paul Teirstein, MD, FACC
2014 PK Shah & Robert Siegel, MD, FACC
2013 Pravin Shah, MD, FACC
2012 Daniel Berman, MD FACC
2011 Ralph Brindis, MD, MACC
2010 P. Deedwania, MD, FACC
2009 Willian J. French, MD, FACC
2008 Lawrence J. Laslett, MD, FACC
2007 Joseph M. Ruggio, MD, FACC, FACP, FSCAI
2005 John Harold, MD FACC

Cardiac Care Associate of the Year

2014 Evelyn Taverna AACC
2013 Maria "Fe" White
2012 Kelly Matsuda PhD
2011 Char Hagaman
2010 Jen Ballard Hernandez
2009 Eileen Pummer RN, MSN, CPHQ
2008 Frances Saldivar NP
2007 Margo Minissian NP

Cardiovascular Team Member of the Year

2018 Julia Itsiksen, CNS
2017 Mary Schoenbaum, NP, AACC

Distinguished Service

2018 Richard F. Wright, MD, FACC
2016 Myrvin Ellestad, MD, FACC
2015 Dipti Itchhaporia, MD, FACC
2014 Anthony Demaria, MD, MACC
2013 William Ricks MD FACC
2012 Charles Mckay MD FACC
2010 James C. MacMillan
2009 John G. Harold MD, FACC
2008 Robert M. Davidson MD, FACC.

George L Smith Advocate of the Year

2018 Nassir Azimi, MD, FACC
2017 Ramin Manshadi, MD, FACC
2016 Norman Lepor, MD, FACC
2015 William Shatner
2014 Tim Madden, Legislative Analyst
2013 Norman Lepor
2012 Sheila Kar
2011 Raymond Yen
2010 William Lewis

Future Leader

2018 Sonia Samtani, MD
2017 Jamal Rana, MD, FACC
2016 Daniel Jurewitz, MD FACC
2015 Anthony Hilliard, MD, FACC
2013 Christopher Oh MD FACC; Nathan Wong, Seema Pursnani, Howaida El_said
2012 Raymond Yen
2011 Brad Angeja MD, FACC
2008 Ramin Manshadi MD, FACC
2007 Benjamin Cohen MD FACC

Ambassador of the Year

2018 Dipti Itchhaporia, MD, FACC
2016 Matt Iseman, MD
2009 Richard Wright MD, FACC.

Educator of the Year

2018 David Rubenson MD, FACC

Lifetime Achievement

2014 Anthony Demaria, MD, MACC
Above: Eliott Rapaport Cardiologist of the Year 2010 recipient Dr. Prakash Deedwania with Govenor Dipti Itchhaporia

ACC National & CA Chapter Awards Program

Submit your research or nominate yourself or a colleague for ACC awards including Distinguished Awards, Research and Career Development awards, and travel awards.
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CA Chapter Awards

CA ACC encourages all members to participate in our awards process. Awards are given at our Annual Awards Celebration Dinner each year in November. Nominations are open to the entire CA ACC membership. You can nominate a fellow member or yourself! Winners must be CA ACC Members in good standing and not have been recognized in that category previously. Activity nationally will be considered in each category.  CA ACC Chapter Awards are:

Cardiologist of the Year

The Cardiologist that made the greatest impact on our profession in California this year, or made contributions to the field of Cardiology worthy or recognition.

Distinguished Service

The member that has demonstrated ongoing outstanding service to the mission of the California Chapter of the ACC over a long period of years.

Educator of the Year

The member who is most prolific and accomplished at providing education to our membership or the general public.

Advocate of the Year

The member who most successfully engages with legislators and regulators to represent and protect cardiovascular interests and patients.

Ambassador of the Year

The member or public figure that promotes the brand of the FACC and of the CA ACC to the general public most effectively.

Cardiovascular Team Member of the Year

The CV Team member (APP, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Pharmacist, Echo Tech, Sonographer, et.) that has substantially contributed to the profession (teaching/supporting, promoting, etc.)

Future Leader Award

The member that actively suggests strategies to ensure Chapter relevance, quality patient care, and value to our membership on a regular basis.

National Lifetime Achievement Award

An individual who has had a lifetime of outstanding achievements in the field of cardiovascular disease and has served as a role model through service, basic or clinical research and teaching. Former College presidents are not eligible for this award.

National Distinguished Service Award

A physician, scientist or layperson who, by individual effort, has made profound contributions to medicine and/or the delivery of health care. Former College presidents are not eligible for this award.
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