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Welcome to the ACC's California Chapter Cardiovascular Team Member Section, the home for cardiovascular team professionals within the ACC, advocating for and advancing priorities of interest to the community.

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Presentations from our annual CVT sessions are accessible via a password to our members. Contact the CA ACC office if you need the password.



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Check Out This Interesting, Useful article from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

[excerpt] Conclusions: These observations in a broad unselected outpatient cohort suggest that anemia in patients with heart failure is under-recognized and underevaluated. However, resolution of anemia was evident in up to 43% of patients who presented initially with anemia, and did not pose greater long-term risk for all-cause mortality. However, the presence of persistent anemia conferred poorest survival in patients with heart failure when compared with that of incident, resolved, or no anemia.  Read More